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A Life of Faith and Miracles

Are you ready to experience a life of victory in Jesus every day?

Are you redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ? I suppose you would answer, "Yes"!  Well, from what are you redeemed?

You answer, "From hell, from sin, from Satan, etc."

That is all true. All these are blessed parts of redemption. But are you redeemed in the full sense of the word?

"Redeem" means to buy back - to bring back to the former place, before Adam sinned and brought all human beings under a curse of satan's power.

Jesus paid the price for us to be able to walk and talk with God again, as it was before Adam's sin, and have none of the curse on us. Are you there? Does none of the curse still cling to you?

All that is not life, health, strength, peace, comfort, purity, and holiness is of the curse. God says there is a place where the curse cannot come or stay:

That place is redemption is in Jesus Christ and no where else!

Join us for this 8 week study, as we look to see how redemption and daily victory in Jesus is found through faith!

The group will be reading, "A Life of Faith" by Cornelia Nuzum. This can be purchased from the Group Leader (Richard) for $6.50.

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