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Daniel: Faithful in the Fire (Men's Group)

God is looking for men who will remain faithful in the fire.

Do you desire to stand strong against the contrary messages culture puts in front of men?

Do you want to see  genuine transformation amongst men instead of separating from it?  

Unlike most of the other books in the Old Testament, the book of Daniel is not set in Israel. Instead, it’s in the heart of a hostile, pagan empire where God’s people have been taken captive. Daniel is about how to thrive in a dark world.

Men face similar cultural challenges that Daniel encountered. Through video teachings and discussion, we will connect the ancient wisdom of this Old Testament book and learn about how the power to make a difference is found in the commitment to be different.

Session 1: Different (Daniel 1)
Session 2: Transformation (Daniel 2)
Session 3: Fire (Daniel 3)
Session 4:Knockout (Daniel 4)
Session 5: Vindication (Daniel 5)
Session 6: Courage (Daniel 6)
Session 7: Vision (Daniel 7,8,9)
Session 8: Restored (Daniel 10,11,12)

*Childcare is provided for this LifeGroup, please drop off your children at the BNE Kids check-in station prior to class.

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