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Discerning the Voice of God (Women's Group)


Do you struggle to hear God's voice?
Do you find it difficult to understand His promptings?
Do you want to deepen your personal time of devotion with the Lord?

If your answer was yes to ANY of those questions, we invite you to join us!

Over seven sessions, we'll watch teachings by Priscilla Shirer and spend time in discussion, and learn how hearing God’s voice comes from realizing what salvation does in our spirits and a commitment to humble obedience.

Through this study you will become more familiar with God’s Holy Spirit, His character, language, and tone of voice.

Session 1: A Proactive Stance of Obedience
Session 2: The Holy Spirit
Session 3: The Holy Spirit’s Voice
Session 4: Reflective of His Heart
Session 5: Revealing of His Plans
Session 6: A Continual State of Readiness
Session 7: Speak, Lord
Session 8: Conclusion

*Childcare is provided for this LifeGroup, please drop off your children at the BNE Kids check-in station prior to class.

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