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Red Letter Challenge & Dinner Party (YoungAdults)

Young Adults: Come study the Words of Jesus and Enjoy Dinner Together on Wednesday Nights this Winter!

So you may ask, what is the Red Letter Challenge?

The challenge is this: Read and practice the words of Jesus for forty days.

We of course will do this together, in community. We all will read the book, "Red Letter Challenge" by Zach Zehnder.

During our time together we will work through 5 discipleship targets.

This new year, let's become better followers of Jesus together!

Are you ready for the Red Letter Challenge? If so, signup today and purchase your book!

Our first session is Wednesday, January 10th at 6:30PM!

Session 1:

Session 2: Being

Session 3: Forgiving  

Session 4: Serving

Session 5: Giving

Session 6: Going

Session 7: Conclusion

Session 8: Dinner Party & Wrap Up

*Childcare is provided for this LifeGroup, please drop off your children at the BNE Kids check-in station prior to class.

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