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The Good and Beautiful You

The Christian faith is not only about beliefs and practices, it is also about the kind of people that we become.

Who are you becoming as a person?

Are toxic self-narratives holding you back from deep, marvelous transformation in Christ?

Some of the biggest barriers to our transformation come from our toxic self-narratives. These narratives shape the way we see ourselves and the way we interact in the world.

God designed us with a deep longing in our souls to be wanted, loved, alive, and connected to God. Healing our souls requires more than knowing what God thinks about us.

Our healing comes not through reason alone, but through Jesus.

We'll be reading "The Good and Beautiful You" together, by James Bryan Smith, and we'll learn how the Lord can bring healing to your soul so that you live the empowered life, the life that you were designed to live!

Session 1: You Have a Soul
Session 2: You Have a Sacred Body
Session 3: You Are Desired
Session 4: You Are Loved
Session 5: You Are Made For God
Session 6: You Are Forgiven
Session 7: You Have Been Made Alive
Session 8: You Have Been Made Holy
Session 9: You Have Sacred Story
Session 10: You Are Called
Session 11: You Will Be Glorified

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