Join us as we dive into the christian buzz word: Anointing. What is it, why do we need it, and why are we talking about it so much? Through this series you will be challenged in your walk with God to think of the bigger picture.

The Anointing

Pastor Eric Cappelli

September 3, 2023

Pastor Eric Cappelli discusses the concept of "the anointing" and its relevance for New Testament Christians. He emphasizes that believers are called to be prophets, kings, and priests, encouraging them to embrace their identity and speak prophetically in today's society. Cappelli also highlights the importance of recognizing one's role in the kingdom of God, regardless of societal labels or divisions.


Pastor Eric Cappelli

September 24, 2023

In this sermon, Pastor Eric emphasizes the significance of anointing in the context of divine mission and ministry. We will explore three pivotal anointings: Adam as the first creation, Jesus symbolizing rebirth, and the church representing renewed humanity. Scripture passages and quotes emphasize that true spiritual impact stems from personal transformation and dedication, rather than mere methodologies or machinery, underscoring the transformative power of genuine spiritual experiences.

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