Miracle Walker

In this series we take a deep dive into the life of Jesus, but more specifically, His miracles. Why did He do them and what was He telling us through them?

Water into Wine

Pastor Eric Capelli

March 3, 2024

Today, we're journeying through the Gospel of John, where Jesus's miracles aren't just acts of compassion but powerful statements of His divinity and the inauguration of a new era of grace. Starting with turning water into wine at Cana, Jesus sets the stage for a ministry that transcends traditional boundaries, inviting us into a relationship with God that is deeply personal and transformative.

The Miracle Worker: Poolside Miracle

Pastor Maria Hovsepian

March 10, 2024

Dive into the biblical narrative of Jesus healing a paralyzed man as he demonstrates His compassion as the God who sees individuals in their struggles and His authority over religious legalism. He is indeed the One who not only offers transformative change but also freedom from religious rules, showcasing His divine power and ongoing work in the world.

Muddy Eyes

Pastor Eric Cappelli

March 17, 2024

Muddy Eyes enters into the issue of blindness. Jesus was able to show He was the promised Messiah because he healed a man born blind with mud. This award miracle turned a man from an outcast to a walking billboard for the glory of God. Jesus still does the miraculous and is looking for the church to regain the power needed to see the miraculous take place in our world today.

Happy as Lazarus

Pastor Eric Cappelli

March 24, 2024

Happy as Lazarus is a British expression that properly explains what we can glean from the 7th wonder of Jesus - the resurrection of Lazarus. We see in this miracle Jesus' compassion, authority and ability to spiritually provoke people. There was no such thing as being neutral as Jesus.

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